John 00 Fleming Still Gets Down With the Underground

john00fleming_705x471John 00 Fleming is among the few elder statesmen in trance who has remained a faithful and outspoken champion of the genre. And while dance music has gone through so many evolutions since he first stepped up to the decks 30 years ago, his passion and excitement to share music with the masses has only grown stronger.

Fleming began his career in the late ‘80s, when dance music was just beginning to take off. He was always in search of something fresh to inspire him, as well as his audience. At a time when what he calls “cheesy breakbeat stuff” was dominating the dancefloor, he found solace in a new sound that was starting to bubble. People were beginning to layer trippy melodic elements on top of four-by-four techno beats. He instantly became fixated with the burgeoning genre and its ability to hypnotize its listeners, and he quickly realized its power to control the dancefloor. It’s this aesthetic Fleming has fought to preserve as trance became commercialized in the early 2000s.

While he often speaks out against the many inequalities he sees in the industry, he remains optimistic about the power music has to transform audiences. He is fiercely dedicated to exposing the world to the groundbreaking work of both new and established artists via his three branded labels: JOOF Recordings, JOOF Mantra and JOOF Aura.

His carefully crafted DJ sets are the stuff of legend, as evidenced on his latest JOOF Editions, Vol. 3 – The Journey mix compilation. Clocking in at an impressive four hours and 50 minutes, it’s a master class in how to properly build a long-form set that leads dancers on an unexpected adventure. He has clearly never forgotten where his roots lay, while still reaching out toward future sounds.

Fleming is joining longtime collaborator and good friend Christopher Lawrence for one of their crowd-favorite collab sets at Dreamstate San Francisco 2017 next month. We caught up with John 00 Fleming to discuss how he first discovered his love for making people dance and how a bout with cancer gave him a fresh outlook on life. Read our full interview at 

Tickets for Dreamstate San Francisco are available now.